Your life is empty until you watch The Geordie Shore

While I can’t really explain why I’m completely infatuated with MTV’s The Jersey Shore, (probably because I went to high school with a ton of kids like that), I’m even more so in love with MTV UK’s The Geordie Shore. Maybe because they’re actually dumber than their American counterparts (which everyone previously thought was impossible) or maybe I just really am into their accents. Who knows, but MTV is only two episodes into their first season, so if you want to be cool you better start watching.

In the two episodes so far, one girl (the only one with a girlfriend I think) has had her boobs out in the hot tub, they’ve gotten into a club fight, the boys hid an entire room in their house from the girls, etc.

The following is a sampler back to get you started.

Thanks for the heads up Lynne!

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