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The Pink Party: Photos and Recap

Last night was The Pink Party over at Matt Baumgartner‘s house. It’s a fundraiser for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and involves an open bar and a lot of alcohol and dancing (a true win/win/win). I was invited to take some photos and I was instantly kicking myself for having missed any of the previous parties and showing up as late as I did. Tickets were cheaper than a normal night out at $25 and and it was super fun and different than your normal tour of Lark/Pearl/Broadway.

Matt’s place is nuts. Huge loft, open floor plan, a urinal, and an awesome patio/garden in the connecting lot, wide plank floors, etc., etc. Pretty much everyone (mostly me) has a huge apartment boner for that spot. Don’t be a square and miss the next one. And sorry to most people I met last night because I don’t really remember meeting anyone. Oops.

Hit the jump, click the image up top, or click the article title to see the full image gallery, and do it quick because I’ll probably get a million emails asking me to take down photos. Matt will have the full collection of everyones photos over on fridaypuppy.com

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