Interestingness in the local news vol 56

The State has dismissed a case against itself about the resulting deaths from the Ethan Allen tour boat capsizing on Lake George.

Court rules the State must re-hire the Albany police offier who was passed out drunk behind the wheel of his SUV.

A stabbing death on Myrtle results in “one of the bloodiest crime scenes” an investigator has ever seen.

43-year-old crazy weirdo charged with felonies when found with assault rifles, bullet proof vests and a bunch of drugs.

Someone got robbed of their cellphone after getting shot in the head with a pellet gun near Alumni Quad.

Steve Barnes compiles interesting list of local eateries that have opened and local eateries that have closed in 2012.

SLA revokes liquor license form Club XI after 100-person-brawl.

Armory parties can continue but with a few new rules.

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