Interestingness in the local news vol 46

ridiculous food society calls for an increase of terribleness in the best of polls [rfs]

saratoga is getting a beer garden [ibi]

midtown watch is going to waste money on signs instead of actually doing anything [tu]

john dejohn bought out of his share of the pearl st pub [tu]

aggro suny bro roid rages with anti semetic graffiti on campus [tu]

city officials in troy really want a bombers in their city [tr]


Bon Iver’s hunky frontman Justin Vernon commits FASHION DISASTER on Grammy red carpet [hro]

Skrillex Uses Satanic and Homosexual Influence to Win Grammys [christwave]

Deadmau5 wears Skrillex’s cell phone number on Grammy red carpet. Did u send him a txt mssg? [hro]

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