Interestingness in the local news vol 17

the vacant “cyber cafe” at 791 madison aves fate is being left up to a board, so disregard your hopes of anything cool going there (likely another pizza spot, the 7th in a two block radius) [tu]

sunspot cafe, which made it’s internet debut on kab, is “working” [tu]

raj rajaratnam who made a zillion dollars by insider trading had roots in businesses close to home (imagine being the first dude not caught) [tu]

oh sweet, amtrak ridership is (up and their price is still 5x the bus) [tu]

some company in waterford is buying american idol, who cares [tu]

berkshire living magazine shuts down, blames “”””the economy”””” [tu]

beer fest (cool name guys) is at the armory this saturday [tu]

megearys holding pit bull benefit, may 26 [tu]

property tax in albany is low, comparatively to nys [tu]

troy bike rescue is moving! (congrats guys!) [tu]

taxpayers (everyone except millionaires?) is challenging their assessments [tu]

this dude threatens a judges life then tells the news, hyper-lol [tu]

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