Honest Weight Food Co-Op’s move and expansion a go

After loads of hang-ups due to financial issues, the Times Union reports that the move is stated to finally happen.

The new mega-coop is is 31,000 square feet compared to the current store’s paltry 6,000 square feet. The building on the current land at 100 Watervliet Ave is going to be demolished and the new store to be built from the ground up as a the highest LEED rating. The project is on the April 19th Planning Board agenda and will be followed by the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals later this month. Let’s all cross our fingers this goes painlessly.

I can’t wait. The current parking lot is a nightmare and the store is always packed, which is great for HWFC but miserable for my grocery shopping induced anxiety. I hope this happens as quickly as possible!

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