The “Lark Tavern”

AOA has an article up today about the new “Lark Tavern”. They’ve got a good amount of shots of the inside and and the rundown about the new owners and their plans for the new space.

Read the whole article here:

photo from mike roach

Few highlights from their comments section:

  • Nothing says “I love and respect Albany’s history” like decorating with NYC subway tiles.
  • After the fire and the fiasco afterward, I could never support any establishment associated with Mike DiNapoli, including the new Lark Tavern. I feel many others feel the same way.
  • A round corner booth? What is this? Denny’s?
  • Meh, not a fan. It’s not the Lark Tavern that I grew to love over the years. I can respect the changes and the modern look they’re trying to achieve but half the main reason why it was such a staple when Tess ran it was because it was one of the few remaining bars that had that “vintage Albany” feel to it. It had character and a personality all on its own which made it stand out from other places. This is a far cry from that and looks like Pearl St. threw up inside.
  • Dinapoli lost my business in multiple ways. Good luck on lark with this monkey on your back.
  • This could be a bar in any city.
  • it looks like a fancier version of an Applebees or some other sports bar. 11 flat screen TVs?
  • TVs are a deal breaker for me. Thanks, but if I wanted wall-to-wall LCDs blaring sports contests, there’s the Recovery Room.

Head over to their article and chime in if you have any opinions.

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