Coffee Tasting at Superior Merchandise Co.

Straight out of the gate, SMCo.‘s coffee program is offering a great (and free) public tasting. They’re brewing the same coffee as espresso and drip to show the taste difference based on brew methods.

The goal of this tasting is to illustrate how different brew methods can extract different qualities from the same coffee. Attendees will be invited to taste Supersonic’s Concorde blend brewed as drip coffee and as espresso.

Supersonic Coffee is a forward thinking team keeping an eye on the future as they roast meticulously sourced green coffees with next-level equipment and tie it all together with space age packaging.

In addition to beans from a rotating, evolving set of coffee roasters from across the globe, Superior Merchandise Company offers craft beer & wine alongside a carefully curated selection of home goods.

Check out the event on facebook and mark your calendar for Sunday the 13th at 12:30.

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