Stop making Iced Coffee the wrong way

Oh, it’s time for another coffee post. And guess what, it’s summer. Officially. Which means it’s time to perfect your iced coffee game and impress all your friends with your worldly knowledge of such delicacies.

To be honest, this method is about as easy as it gets and it will yield an extremely bright cup of iced coffee. Basically all you do is make coffee the same way as you normally do, with half the normal amount of hot water going through the grinds, and the other half already in the vessel in the form of ice cubes.

do you have a mug that says “handcrafted in albany ny” on it? you probably should.

Since I’m an enormous condescending hipster snob I make all my coffee one cup at a time, via pour over (hario v60) with local coffee which was roasted between a week to two weeks ago. You can go to the Daily Grind and buy the plastic pour overs with the filters for less than $10 and get some coffee on your way out the door and you will have all you need to make coffee that isn’t disgusting garbage.

I used 7 ice cubes, 8oz of boiling water, 1oz of Mocha Joes coffee for mine. Put ice in cup, brew coffee onto ice, drink, repeat. Easy.

Thought this was going to be about cold brew? That’s already not cool anymore.

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