Covell Brewing on Kickstarter

I feel like I’m on a Kickstarter kick as of late. This one aims to start an accessible craft brewery in Saratoga.

Copypasta form the kickstarter page:

With your help, Covell Brewing intends to become the most innovative microbrewery/taproom in Saratoga Springs, New York. Covell Brewing will be community-oriented and experiential: hosting events, tastings, fundraisers, local musical acts, and brewing specialty releases with local and in-season ingredients. Along with our local focus, we plan to maintain a global mindset. Disturbed by stories of the water crisis in third world Africa, we took a cue from companies like Tom’s Footwear. We’ve planned a program in which we donate the equivalent of one pint of clean water for of every pint of beer sold in our tap room. With this we hope to make lending a helping hand as easy as kicking back and enjoying a good beer.

This would be awesome. I just hope they make a hefeweizen since I think IPAs taste like huffing pine tree flavor aerosol bathroom spray.

Read more on the kickstarter page and give em a kick if you can afford it!

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