Building sold, no lease renewal for Mahar’s


Randy just sent over a link to a post on his blog with some bad news.

I introduced myself and thanked him for establishing a terrific joint. He said I should enjoy it while I can-he was informed this morning that he’d lost the lease. Mahar’s (Albany) will only be open for a couple more weeks. The space will be rented (has been sold?) to the folks that run Junior’s, The Point and Madison Cafe.

This absolutely sucks. Mahar’s is one of the very few establishments we have here in Albany that’s in a league of it’s own. It’s the best spot hands down to try hard-to-find, rarely stocked beer in this city, and it’s a favorite establishment for among beer aficionados far and wide.

Do we really need yet another Junior’s/Madison Cafe/The Point owned establishment on that same block at the expense of a landmark? Randy calls for a start a campaign to save this neighborhood treasure and I can’t help but agree. I hope they simply move instead of close.

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