Albany to ban live music (including DJs) after 2am

“If the city would just tell the police to enforce the existing laws they could deal with crowds and any other problems. They don’t need this new (permit), Spillenger said. “This is just one more attempt to turn Albany into an extremely boring city.

According to Steve Barnes, all 25 cabaret licences awarded to establishments on Thursday require businesses to end all live music by 2am, a standard for all future licences, according to City Clerk Nala Woodard.

This is the most roundabout way to make last call 2am. I don’t have any idea why it couldn’t be easier to just make last call earlier rather than making all of these convoluted bans that affect the artists playing in Albany. If Troy just keeps on going about their business as usual and not making these convoluted self-serving rules, I can see the draw of nightlife to the Collar City, especially for touring DJs or other late-night acts.

Albany Music Coalition, where you at?

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