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Quality events for this weekend vol. 23

This post seems a little light so if I missed something — leave it in a comment!

Friday October 21

Occupy Albany [fbook]

Caleb Lionheart, One Win Choice, Astpai at the HRCH 8pm [fbook]

J.Cole, Armory 7pm [fbook]

Zombie Film Feast 4 at The Linda [fbook]

Pinkerton’s 15th Anniversary Tribue Show, Valentines 8pm, [fbook]

Our own party!
OUTPOST1 with Dave Q, Knomad, Looney, Party With Tina, free until 11 [fbook]

Saturday October 22

Watson Explained, RPI, 9am, free [via]

Zombie Film Feast 4 at The Linda [fbook]

Gwar and Everytime I Die at Northern Lights, 7pm, $20 [via]

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