OUTPOST1: April Roundup

Tonight is the night! If you’re not sure what this “OUTPOST1” is, this will help you out, as well as get you ready for tonights festivities. OP1 is a dance night that we (KAB+Deep Children) put on every third Friday at Fuze Box.

Here’s the lowdown for tonight, via the facebook event:

For this month, we’ve got WCDBs Andrew White on some Detroit & Chicago sounds, new and old. Then we’re going into the sound of Deep Children’s Mycon who will be rinsing his signature taste of bmore, house, funky and the like. The mighty GHOSTS ON TAPE from SF will then be keeping everyone moving! Then to keep the night heavy, we’ve got some Party with Tina and Looney of Deep Children b2b dubstep action. It’s going to be the absolute realness.

With that, we have a bunch of goodies for ya to check out:

Word up! Hope you all come out and have a super fun night tonight. That’s the point, come enjoy the vibes, and get there early so you don’t miss out on any of the DJs!

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