Built to Spill and Helvetia at the Upstate Concert Hall: Photos and Recap

This past Wednesday was Built to Spill, Helvetia and Revolt Revolt at the Upstate Concert Hall.

I unfortunately arrived as Helvetia was setting up, so apologies to the Revolt Revolt crowd. I haven’t ever seen Helvetia or Built to Spill live, so this was definitely a treat. Helvetia strongly reminded me of Control-era Pedro the Lion, but with a bit more math-y, solo-esque parts. It’s quite rare for me to be fully captivated by band live without ever hearing them before, but these guys had me hooked. Really crazy to me that the area in front of the stage wasn’t super packed.

Built to Spill, was, well Built to Spill. Very solid, and brought the energy and focus into the room. People seemingly came out of nowhere and packed close to the stage; there was no room to move at all unless you were all the way back at the bar. They played a really tight live set; barely anyone wasn’t dancing and everyone was having fun.

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