Grand Street Arts, Serving It Up

The Grand Street Community Arts collective will be hosting The People’s MIC & B Boy B Girl BBQ this Sunday, October 16th at 3:30pm. This event is fam-friendly and will be providing free art supplies, and free silk-screening (bring your own blank shirt, flag, bag, etc, and you will get to be a part of the process). A donation is asked, but not required. The money pooled helps pay for the event’s food and art supplies.

Make moves! work by MC3 and Philip Pascuzzo, photo by Andrew

This gathering, complete with local, free music by DJ Trumaster, DJ OFI, DJ Lofi Lobo and MC Oddy Gatto, with live art by Existing Artists, Max Dunn, Radical and more. If you are interested in doing wheat-pasting or live art feel free to contact Michael Conlin for more information on getting involved.

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