LOLing on Lark

Wednesday night, Andrew and I walked into a packed house at Elda’s for this month’s Laughs on Lark just in time to catch a bunch of quality weed jokes.

Although we missed some of the stand up, we still caught enough to get a taste of some local talent. I’ve never seen any form of stand up live (because snippets from Seinfeld don’t count) so I wasn’t necessarily sure what to expect.

The highlight of the night was without a doubt when a trio of comedians took turns reading out of middle school journals of their friends, dating back to 2000.

Their delivery was strong and the raw content spoke for itself riling up the crowd.

Here’s some highlights from the public reading of the diaries:

“Ian was totally checking me out. I was told repeatedly by everyone. It was AWESOME.”

“Kat, Ian is the only thing keeping me alive.”

“I don’t know if I want to be happy because he’s my friend or cry because that’s all he’ll ever be. *FROWNY FACE*”

“Oh my god he remembered my name! And said it!”

“This has got to be love! What else can it be?”

“It’s ok to be in love and have small crushes right?”

“Kat, yesterday was just so awful. Little does he know, I love him. P.S. Then I went to my first N*Sync concert.”

“Ian has a girlfriend and it’s not me. Worst. Day. Ever.”

“I came so close to tears because of Ian. I wish that I could cry but I can’t. If I really did love him, I’d be crying natural tears.”

Isn’t it weird how familiar all of this is……

The host and stand up comedian, Matt Kelly dove right into it, immediately sharing how if a girl thinks he looks like Harry Potter, he is okay with being a 12 year old nerdy boy. He also threw in a pun saying he was tired of energy drinks and jumped into talking about crystal meth and how one goes about turning down that offer.

His first time having sex was like being at a funeral — a lot of people were confused as to why they were there, there was alcohol and a whole lot of crying…

Capping off the night, Matt talked about how he likes to send a lot of dick pix, particularly after he goes swimming in an ice cold lake for four hours, sending the follow-up text of “Drinks later?”

If you can’t handle him at his worst, you don’t deserve him at his best.

Go #LOL on Lark Street next month. Eyes out for event details.

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