Scotty’s Music Monday: Some new Deep children stuff and Cunei4m fun

We’re broadcasting all our shows on UStream from now on, so the world can have fun watching us DJ. You gotta log in on Friday’s 8-10pm and get in the chat! I’ll be tweeting the link from my twitter every Friday around 8pm, @ScottyMycon. I’ll start learning DMC championship turntable tricks so its fun to watch. Below is the first one, from last Friday.

Looney dropped one of his new tracks and its pretty damn sweet! Check it out, it’s going to start a mosh pit this Friday.

‘tein by looney

Lastly I want to shout out my new buddy Cunei4m from Delaware. He’s a sick a DJ who’s had mixes featured on Turbotax, Trash Menagerie, and Bassfaced. And probably more. I am a fan of his UStreams. Follow him. Anyway I think I’ve gotten Scott (we have the same name) sold on mopeds, so hopefully he’ll be coming to Albany in the future to DJ with us and ride mopeds.

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