Scotty’s Music Monday: DOCTOR JEEP

Doctor Jeep is one of my favorite producer names I’ve heard in awhile. Biggin up my new friend Andre – Doctor Jeep out of Boston.


Came across his new track ‘Level II’ on XLR8R two weeks ago and sent him a message on the Soundcloud. Doctor Jeep’s beats and tastes mirror my own, which is a very rare thing in the Northeast..even including NYC…classic rave, UK Bass, with clear influences from regional American club sounds like Juke and Baltimore Club. I know the average reader on here isn’t that into listening to club tracks individually (don’t worry cause these will be on my next mixtape), but these tracks are ILL and are putting the Northeast on the map.

Level II is the one that hooked me. It’s got a vocal sample from one of the best chicago rave tracks of all time by one of the best producers of all time, so that’s a fine start.

level ii [forthcoming end fence] by doctor jeep

This is an EP put out just in February by Banana Peel records, which seems like a quality label. The first track is like 8 minutes long and so epic. I hate to do the comparisons, but Ramadanman style percussion mutations (PLEASE do yourself a favor and look him up) with a definite unique twist. Not familiar with either of the remixers, but they are top notch. I’m going to play all of these.
BPR001 / Doctor Jeep – Yr Mnd EP by Banana Peel Records

So yeah, giving my new pal Doctor Jeep some exposure here, I count myself as a big fan. Hmmm I think maybe look out for him in Albany sometime soon.

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