CBX preview: The Hood Internet

Today kicks off the first day of Camp Bisco and needless to say, we’re a tad excited. Wrapping up our interviews leading up to this year’s Camp is a Q+A with The Hood Internet, a production and DJ duo made up of members ABX and STV SLV. Super stoked these guys got back to me prior to us peacing out of Albany for the weekend — they are awesome. They collectively dig into genres of hip-hop and indie rock to create mash-ups and mixtapes, as well as man the blog Album Tacos, which combines album art with tacos. Maybe one day they’ll honor one of our monthly’s party flyers with some spacey taco imagery on their blog, especially given that last month we gave out free tacos at Fuze Box! (Remember that? Mmmm…).

photo © Courtney Allessio

Anyhow, The Hood Internet are slotted to play the festival on Saturday at 1pm at Main Stage B and checking out their set comes with a solid KAB recommendation. Check out this Q+A beneath the jump, and be sure to travel safely! SEE YA LATER.

In the game since: 2007 
Tell us about the Hood Internet in 5 words! “On the ones and zeroes”

What have you been working on these days? New mixtape for Mishka, new full-length LP of original songs w/ various collaborations.

How was your set at Electric Forest? People were dancing, so we feel like it went over well.

What’s it been like playing fests like SXSW, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, etc.?  How do you prepare for playing in the festival setting versus at a venue? Festival sets can depend on the time of day we play. If it’s an afternoon set, we might start it out more on the mellow side.  But if it’s some late night dance tent business, we might GO ALL IN RIGHT AWAY.

Who do you want to both collaborate with next? Too many people to list.

Perks of remixing and making music in a duo? Always good to have a second set of ears on things.

Best way to combat boredom via the travel from Chicago to Bisco?  How are you traveling? Getting there via surfing, which should stay interesting.

One thing to not come to Camp Bisco without? Tie: Sunscreen, Marijuana

Favorite drink or snack to consume at a festival? This is gonna be boring, but oh well: water! STAY HYDRATED Y’ALL

Artist you’re excited to see at Camp Bisco? Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ratatat, Special Disco Version (Murphy/Mahoney)

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