Spring 2017 coming to an end at EMPAC

There’s only three events left at EMPAC for this semester’s programming. And as usual, they all sound really interesting and worth checking out.

On Monday April 24, Mariam Ghani will be introducing several films from the Afghan Film Archive as part of her ongoing research project What we Left Unfinished. Learn more here.

On Tuesday April 25, Trajal Harrell will be presenting The Return of La Argentina, which is a dance performance that mixes postmodern/voguing with the Japanese dance/theater form “butoh”. Learn more here.

Lastly, on Wednesday April 26, they are screening NASA’s first 4k video stream from the ISS. Insane. Learn more here.

Also, they have on offer a five-day summer workshop focused on Wave Field Synthesis and High-Order Ambisonics. The workshop is full, but there are now lecture-only components. Learn more, and register or jump on the waitlist as soon as you can if you are interested as space is very limited.

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