AIGA Upstate NY Design Week 2017

AIGA Upstate NY has announced a week long celebration of design, taking place April 30 to May 6 across much of Upstate NY. The week culminates with a three day design conference in Ithaca called Create Upstate.

One fun event on the calendar that caught my eye was the 16x16x16 event at Brown’s Brewing in Troy.

Please join AIGA Upstate NY for a fun 2017 Design Week evening in Troy, NY with a new event we’re calling 16x16x16: 16 speakers showing 16 slides for 16 seconds each. Also, there will be 16 oz. beverages available. This will be a fast-paced, fun event with each speaker spending about 4.5 minutes talking about 16 slides on their choice of topic. Lite fare will be served; the Taproom’s full menu will also be available.

Head to the AIGA Upstate Design Week website for the full schedule and mark your calendar accordingly as there’s a lot going on!

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