The other side to #albchickens

Through a few of my friends on fbook, this article came my way and raises a few valid, and oppositional points to the chicken debate.

An expected quote from the article, which is on a vegan website:

The foodie media generally tends to glorify the practice of backyard chicken-keeping without paying particular attention to its downsides. At the very least, future chicken keepers should be cognizant of the less publicized challenges they face. As I see it, the drawbacks of eating backyard eggs far outweigh the benefits. And, be assured, this is not support for factory-farmed eggs, but rather yet another reminder that, when it comes to the ethics of raising and killing animals and animal-based products, the best answer is to just say no.

There is a lot of irrefutable facts in the article that bring to light many good points that strongly oppose the keeping of backyard hens.

Was Albany coming together over a cause a driving force as to why people were so adamant about getting chickens for their own back yards, or was it actually the chickens?

Do you think that many people actually care to get get this law passed with a limited number of licenses?

Thanks Sheila and Rachel for sharing the article.

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