EDGE at Albany Center Gallery

This Friday, the Albany Center Gallery is opening a new exhibit and will be hosting the artist’s reception from 5-8pm for their new show, EDGE. The exhibition runs from May 1 to July 24 and features artist that aren’t typically featured in galleries.

EDGE is the presentation of artists who transcend traditional media, rendering, and representation to create thought-provoking, raw, and unconventional works of art. Through the implementation of popular iconography, typography, found objects, and public spaces, these artists move beyond expectation and into the realm of outsider art.

The term “outsider art simultaneously unites these artists and by definition highlights the fact that each is exceptional in their purpose and execution. EDGE is a unique spectrum of formally-trained and self-taught artists who are employing recognizable and unexpected media, which results in movable and immovable; permanent and ephemeral; and abstract and representational works of art. Featuring local and regional artists Scott Michael Ackerman, Michael Conlin, Han Dogan, Gregory Maxwell Dunn, Michael Eck, James Paulsen, Rico Pendejo, Patrick Porter, Erik Savage, Frank Smith, Thierry Taule, and Alex Waters.

Read more about the event on facebook and head down to the gallery on Friday.

Photo courtesy of Greg Maxwell Dunn and Albany Center Gallery

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