EMPAC: back-to-back performances Friday

EMPAC is opening its doors on Friday, free of charge, for two performances developed in residency, in the forms of a work-in-progress performance piece and sharing the results of a hands-on sound workshop that took place over the course of six days.

If you haven’t been to EMPAC yet this season, these two events are the perfect opportunity for you to expose yourself to something original and creative without putting any strain on your budget.

Image artwork by Adam Shecter

TOOL IS LOOT is a “duet made via a curious process of disorientation.” Essentially, during the course of one year, choreographers/dancers Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey worked separately on the same conceptual project, asking various “outsiders” their take and opinions on creative dance. They then took their research to create a collaboration developed in residence, posing the question “what comes after you don’t know anymore?” I don’t know but I’m curious to find out what they came up with; I think their project is based around a really cool idea for an experimental philosophy turned into performance piece. 7pm.

Second, beginning at 8:30pm, there will be the showcase of Compositions for a Sound Dome, where eight composers, led by Hans Tutschku, participated in a workshop called Composing for Large Scale Multi-Channel Loudspeaker Environments. The musicians were immersed in an experimental study of composition, sound, music and space in response to the challenge of working with the insanely awesome and advanced sound setup and technologies of EMPAC.

Both performances are free to the general public.

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