A-Holes: A Type Book on Kickstarter

Curtis Canham, a local designer and typography enthusiast is making a book about the negative space in the letter A, or more simply put, A-holes. The book and campaign has gotten press from Fast Co., Design Taxi, and Creative Bloq. Curtis even sent two A-Hole cakes to acclaimed typographer, Jessica Hische to promote the book.

If you’re interested in typography, head over to the Kickstarter page and check out the project. Current rewards include the book, t-shirts, an A-hole postcard, and more. At the time of publishing, the book is 65% funded with 12 days to go. Be sure to check out the sample of the book which shows how great the finished book will be.

You can help make this fun typography book a reality and get some goodies while you’re at it!

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