24-Hour Drone at Basilica Hudson

Basilica Hudson is hosting a 24-hour drone show from Saturday April 25 at 3pm until Sunday April 26 at 3pm. This event is presented in collaboration the Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht, Netherlands. The artists on this show experiment in electronic, psychedelic, classical, non-western and instrumental drone music.

The event will be a fully immersive experience in-the-round with no stage. The circular arrangement is based off of the concept of a “tonal clock, a visual representation of the chromatic scale, and the harmonic sacred geometry that ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras helped develop.

Admission allows attendees to come and go as they please, but those who make the commitment to this endurance, long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration.

$15 early-bird tickets are currently available, and you can read more about the event on Basilica Hudson’s website.

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