Weekend Getaway: Portland, Maine

This past weekend I had a work obligation in Kennebunkport. I decided to stay over and spend the next day checking out Portland, which is a quick 30 minutes north. The first night, my friends and I quickly and unfortunately ran into their 1am last call time, which was partially forgiven by the fact we sat down and had an incredible dinner at midnight. The next day was heavy on the exploring and we walked a lot of miles over the six or so hours we spent checking everything out.

There’s so many wide-ranging independent shops which are all heavily trafficked and were awesome to see. Portland Dry Goods was an incredible menswear boutique which had a lot in their small store and even included their own shirting. Local 188 had incredible cocktails with fresh pressed fruit juices and house-infused spirits. I got an espresso from The Speckled Ax which was made with an $18,000+ espresso machine. The list goes on and on.

If you can stomach the 4 hour drive, this is an incredible place to spend a weekend. I’ll be heading back there as soon as I can.

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