The Mystery of the Albany Mummies: Photos

In 1909, Sam Brown, a board member at the Albany Institute and spice and coffee trader for some reason bought two mummies from the Cairo Museum. One, from about 1000BC and the other, from about 305BC. This exhibit goes into detail about why this guy was interested in buying mummies, the actual process of mummification, daily life in Egypt 3000 years ago, and modern art influenced by Egyptian styling.

Without really giving too much away about the exhibit, it was really interesting to learn that a museum in Albany, NY owns two mummies. Not only that, but they were recently brought into Albany Med and were CT scanned and x-rayed to find out more about them. There’s a remarkable amount of New York related information woven throughout the exhibit as well.

Read more about this exhibit on the Albany Institute website and most importantly, stop in and check out the exhibit, which runs from tomorrow to June 8, 2014.

Click the photo above to check out the gallery or hit the jump!

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