KC’s Music Monday: Is it spring yet?


Pretty sure the #1 question on everyone’s minds lately is… is it spring yet? I’d like to take this opportunity to speak for everyone and say we’re all more than ready for winter to be over. I want to trade my snow day indoor soundtrack for one more suited for hanging out in the park. Summer time jams. Let’s go.

Regardless of what’s going on with Mother Nature, check out some music beneath the cut!

Here’s what I’ve been getting into as of late:

Eli McFly released this mix tape a couple weeks ago and it’s since made its way into my weekly rotation. Plus it’s a free download courtesy of DatPiff.

New mix tape from Sime Gezus dropped last week, after being recorded in 2012 and featuring a ton of locally-based rap musicians and others.

A new song from my good friend Emcee Graffiti, titled “Only A Drop Left”:

From the archive of Gorilla Tao:

Random relaxing work music radio rip:

A remix of JT’s new single by the masterful Four Tet:

Jerome LOL was featured last week on VICE’s My Life Online:

And lastly, the highly anticipated feature on J Dilla’s record collection courtesy of FuseTV:

If you’ve got music you’d like to share with me, email me.

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