OTS x OP1 Interview: DJ Sliink [+Exclusive, Free Tracks]

Winter’s entering it’s final throes, and more importantly, this month’s editions of on the sly and OUTPOST1 are almost here. This month we’re bringing DJ Sliink from New Jersey to headline our partnered parties at (le) poisson rouge and the Fuze Box, respectively.

On Thursday, Sliink will be joined with Contakt, who played OUTPOST1 over the summer (revisit the Q+A here) and resident knomad. On Friday, Sliink will join guest Tony Quattro and residents Party With Tina (who you may have seen open for Rusko this past weekend), Looney and knomad.

As per usual, we will be playing on air Friday from 6-10pm on WCDB 90.9FM for your official pre-game music.

And to introduce our headliner: As part of the Brick Bandits, which include the likes of Tim Dolla, Dirty South Joe and DJ Sega, DJ Sliink‘s records have been obliterating club sound systems through the hands of some of the most respected soundbwoys in the business. His signature blend of Jersey/Philly club, incorporating aggressive uptempo rhythms with soothing Pop and R&B samples give him extensive appeal across the pop and underground spectrum. His DJ sets run the gamut of Pop, Dubstep, Moombahton, Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club, House and Reggae – the standard loadout for a working New York Club DJ. With upcoming releases on Hype Headz, Pelican Fly out of Brussels, and guest slots on Mad Decent Mondays, this naturally gifted talent out of Newark, NJ is an artist to watch in this emerging wave of hybrid dance music.

Mega Bonus: DJ Sliink was kind enough (and not to mention very generous) in sending us an exclusive party pack of tunes to get us through this work week. Don’t sleep on this exclusive, free download!

Get to know DJ Sliink below the jump!

In the game since: I’ve Been In The Game Roughly 5 Years Strong. Started Producing/Djn Since The End Of 2006, Coming Into 2007.

How did you first get into creating your own tunes? What was your introduction to Jersey club? My younger brother who goes by the name “ClubHeadSliim” really got me into creating my own tunes. I could’ve been anything in the world, but that attracted lots of attention to me. Im really glad that I got into music the way I did. I was always the jock type of basketball dude, I always loved music tho. After I started working on my own stuff, I got more into it & studied it. I would listen to the O.G’s of Jersey Club music who would be DJ Tim Dolla & DJ Tameil. They taught me a lot just from listening, they were & still are a big motivation for me. I would come in from school everyday & work on music wanting to get better. At that time I was producing on FL studio version 7 I believe or maybe 6. The first track I had produced was called “Hey”. It was a pretty basic track, over the years I progressed & met new people. I became brick bandits in 2010 & now I’m here 🙂

Do you feel as though you would have originally gravitated towards producing Jersey club music if it wasn’t where you grew up? Do you feel as though your environment relates directly to your inspiration? What’s the local scene there like? How do you manage to keep it so fresh? If it wasn’t for my little brother and Jersey, I dont think anything would’ve been possible music-wise. I’ve always been a basketball guy and not really a party type of dude. I absolutely believe my state gives me inspiration. My fans and all listeners keep me going from all over the world to back home. There is no place like home though, I love jersey <3. Pretty much now the Jersey scene is like a bunch of dancing type of stuff. In the past & currently I have produced dance & routine tracks, but its not really my thing. I love good music & it to be done the correct way so I put myself in my own corner pretty much. I have a crazy mind lol, ideas out of this world. I try to do things people would never think of or are afraid to do. I love criticism so it wouldn't bother me if someone didn't like something I produced. I jus get back up and keep it going. Does the double I in SLIINK come from being a Gemini, the sign of duality (lol)? Why two II’s if not? How do you come about your moniker? Haha!, well I’m totally not a gemini, scorpio all day everyday :). I like to use two i’s in my name to take people away from the regular word “slink”. It just looks plain and so boring lol. I used to be in a party team by the name of “tru starz” , everyone had a nickname so of course I needed one. Someone chose the name “sliink” for me. Im not 7’0 feet tall I’m roughly 6 feet, thats how ‘sliink’ came along tho.

What was it like remixing the ballroom sounds of MikeQ? Are you planning on collaborating with MikeQ in the future? What’s your take on the growth and exposure of ballroom? MikeQ is a awesome dude, real down to earth type of dude. I really had no idea what ballroom music was. I recently got exposed to MikeQ on Noise212(interview & session in NY with all the big names, check it out Noise212.com) I liked what I heard most definitely. Yes, I plan on working on a lot with MikeQ since he only lives roughly 15 mins away from me. I think ballroom will definitely get the exposure it needs now that it has all eyes on the genre. Big ups to MikeQ, Qween Beatz and Fade to Mind. The tempo is in the right place I can say, sometimes the vocal chops & the energy it brings!

Is Cartel Music your latest venture? Some background there would be great. Also if you’d like to talk about your experience working on “Massage Creep”? Cartel Music! I love my boys. The Cartel was originally a group of people who chilled, went to partys and grew very close. The music kind of got established when I started hanging with the boys. We came out strong and still are strong. Cartel music consists of rappers, DJs, dancers & producers such as (Skilly, Ziggy, Superior Cartel, Arrogant, DJ Classic, DJ Big O, DJ Tray, Hot Rod Koolest & I. I think we have one of the best dancers who goes by the name “Stack Cartel”. If I missed anyone sue me. Massage Creep, great tune it really gets me going. I had recently got a email from DJ Tuco about the project. Once I heard the project I was interested from the start. It was really something out of the box for me, sort of like a sound I never heard. I was up for the challenge & now its out on all major music distributing sites.

How much of your day is dedicated to studio time? How do you organize what you are working on and listening to? When does a track feel finished to you? More than half or most of the day is dedicated to music or my son. Recently I have been listening to music more than I have been making. Its kind of like school, I’m learning new things. When I get goose bumps on my neck or find myself listening to the track for days, thats when I know it’s finished. It always takes a couple of days to release because im constantly editing things.

The first piece of music you remember buying: The first piece of music I remember buying was G Units “Beg For Mercy” album! It was so hot at the time. Recently I havent been buying any music. Most things I listen to is DJs & producers around the world that I am close with, so we are constantly swapping. Im most definitely into todays dance underground type of music, mainly.

What was your first time playing out like? How did it compare with your most recent? My first time really playing was local and amongst most people I knew. It felt kind of regular but always that feel of me of controlling the crowd, always felt good sometimes nervous. Compared to now, I think I love it more. I recently started traveling out on planes and things. Most people out of the state & country thought I been touring. They are always surprised when I tell them I just started traveling & touring. I recently traveled out to texas for “elevator action” I feel in love with Texas. I will be back in March for SXSW.

Do you feel like one producer or DJ now is particularly killing it? Who have you been listening to these days? I would have to go with Nadus(Producer/Dj Out Of Jersey) he is amazing he does everything and it sounds genuine! I feed off his approach for music, he is definantly killing it. These days I have been listening to everything like: Club Cheval, Brenmar, Sinjin Hawke, Lol Boys, Fade To Mind, Samosoundboy, Brick Bandits, Mad Decent, Zebra Katz, Jim E Stack, Munchi, Flosstradamus, Diplo, Everyone, my ears are real big.

What’s the best way to curb boredom? Im never bored. If I am, I get quickly on the computer & start working on a heap of new music. It’s always work to be done.

What can we look forward to in Albany? Albany can look forward to me coming and showing you guys a good time, I can say that for sure. I want everyone saying jersey at the end of the night!

Favorite kind of taco? I like my tacos plain. I hate lettuce tomatoes & everything. I just like chicken cheese and soft tortilla.

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