KC’s Music Monday: Full Moon Edition

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As someone who is fascinated by all things relative to the universe, astrology (let me live, bro) and the natural world, I feel a strange obligation to tell all my friends when it’s a full moon.

So all that being said, here’s some music. Get weird tonight.

First up is a new one from a fellow Albany-based appreciator of the moon, elsphinx. As I’ve said, title any track “The Moon” and I automatically deem it a love song. Regardless of what you’re actually rapping about. The line “blowing smoke rings around the moon” is incredible. Delicious imagery.

Mondays can always benefit from a little bit of Frank Sinatra.

This group pays tribute through their name, Moon Tides, and I came across them while browsing Bandcamp. Bandcamp has some incredible music on it and it’s one of my favorite ways to stumble across random music that I may enjoy. Try it sometime.

Easy listening comes in the form of Nick Drake. “Pink Moon” is his third studio album and was recorded at midnight in two separate two-hour sessions over two days. Middle of the night music.

The Eels released an album a couple weeks ago that has been part of my regular rotation since. I’ve also read the memoir from lead singer Mark Oliver Everett (titled “Things The Grandchildren Should Know”) which was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Look it up and check it out. Until then…

One of my favorites from Feist, albeit I haven’t listened all that much aside from this single:

This one has some cheesy lyrics in my opinion but it’s dreamy and I’m in a good mood.

Atlas Sound is music I used to fall asleep to. Perhaps even this song specifically.

Maybe you’ll recognize this one from Donnie Darko.

And one from my not-so-secret secret favorite band, The Strokes.

Photo courtesy of https://nasa.gov

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