EMPAC Fall 2013 schedule


EMPAC has recently put the finishing touches on its schedule for the fall. If you haven’t been to EMPAC yet, I have little to say to you, besides just go. Scroll down their list of events and pick something at random and just go. It’s an incredible venue in your backyard and you’re really missing out if you haven’t been!

OPEN STUDIO Kris Verdonk | Ballard 3D September 07
TALK Ursula Heise | The Beautiful Violent Futures September 11
Oneohtrix Point Never September 12
PERFORMANCE Julien Maire | Open Core September 20
PERFORMANCE Julien Maire | Sublimation September 21
TALK Ewa Borysiewicz | How a Sausage Dog Works September 24
TALK Flip Phillips | Deconstructing Perception September 25
SCREENING Brent Green | Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then September 27
DISCUSSION Laurie Anderson | Art and Archive October 01
SCREENING + TALK Film | Directed by Alan Schneider + Ed Halter October 03
SCREENING A Primer in Sky Socialism Directed by Ken Jacobs October 03
TALK Randy Martin | Dance and Finance October 09
PERFORMANCE Bureau de l’APA | Young-Girl and Death October 12
PERFORMANCE Jeremy Xido | Angola Project Trilogy October 19
PERFORMANCE William Basinski | Nocturnes October 26
SCREENING House (Hausu) | Directed by Nobuhiko Ôbayashi October 31
PERFORMANCE Calder Quartet November 02
PERFORMANCE Mark Fell | November 09
PERFORMANCE Wojtek Ziemilski | Small Narration November 16
DISCUSSION Laurie Anderson | Voices November 20
SCREENING In the Mood for Love Directed by Wong Kar-wai November 21
PERFORMANCE Manuella Blackburn November 22
PERFORMANCE Wojtek Ziemilski | CIA November 23
SCREENING Mulholland Drive | Directed by David Lynch December 05
PERFORMANCE Craig Taborn + Vicky Chow December 06

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