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Art on Lark: Photo Recap

It’s Art on Lark! Go enjoy some of the awesome artists that you’re fortunate enough to live near. There’s also a ton of other awesome shit and all of the galleries are open. Go before it rains again! I was lucky enough to get there after the first rain when everyone had scurried away. There were a lot of people about and a lot of people were still arriving when I left.

The following is from Jennifer Grainer at the former Planned Parenthood.

Greg Dunn working on the Living Walls support wall.

Work in progress RADICAL!

Soap made in Albany, this stuff smelled amazing.

This guy!

RADICAL! in the wild.

Some bits from the Existing Artists booth.


From the UAG show.

Go check it out! There’s tons and tons I’m sure I missed so go enjoy the cool weather and rad art. Do it!

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