Tierra Coffee Roasters to begin serving beer

This coming summer, Tierra Coffee Roasters (formerly the Muddy Cup) will be serving Wolaver’s organic beer as well as wine. This is a really great idea anad will be especially helpful with night time events, such as open mic nights or poetry readings, where people can only drink so much coffee or tea.

Beer won’t be sold after 10pm so this clearly isn’t going to be the place to get ‘totally shitfaced bro’, but instead enjoy an organic beer or glass of wine instead of another iced coffee. I’ve been saying for a while now that the Hudson River Coffee House would be a perfect venue for live music if they served beer or wine. Plus, it could bring in a lot of money on its own, and keep people from leaving to go to a bar or elsewhere to drink a beer.

Read the full story at the TU.

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