Quality events for this weekend vol. 88

Not a ton going on this weekend so get out there and enjoy this weather.

Friday May 31

Troy Night Out. It’s the last Friday of the month so it’s time to hang out in Troy and enjoy the weather!

If you need some TNO guidance, you can check the Friday Flea Market, Critical Mass Bike Ride, Collar City Film Festival (definitely look into this, sounds awesome), Dance party at Kokopeli’s with CRNKN, R We Who R We at the Art’s Center, or the TNO Afterparty at Daisy Baker’s.

The Price is Right at the Palace: It still exists, and people still play it. Who knew.

Pop Elation at Elda’s with White Lotus: Drinking and dancing. Air conditioning.

Saturday June 1

Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds with MaryLeigh at the Putnam Den: Rad tunes played by people with actual instruments.

Charmboy, The Pistolwhips, & Henry’s Rifle at Pauly’s Hotel: Rock and roll at Paulys.

Hand Habits, Emily Sprague, Told Slant, Addison Rice at Madison Tierra Coffee Roasters: Major tunage for a free show. Tierra has craft beer as well as coffee!

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