Shop Visit: Sciortino’s Pizzeria


As many of you know, the latest Matt Baumgartner business venture is called Sciortino’s, an Italian restaurant in the former Miss Albany Diner, at 893 Broadway in Albany. What many of you may not know, is that it is currently open, as of today. I stopped by earlier to check the place out and take a few photos. I really like how much was kept the same, and all the new stuff fits right in with the old. The place also feels a lot bigger as there’s almost no extraneous display cases to encroach on your space.

If you are unfamiliar with the space and the story, a quick google search will take care of that.

Either way, stop by to check em out for dinner tonight, or after a bunch of beers at the Biergarten over the weekend. I’m sure I’ll be there a ton as this is now the second closest restaurant to my house.

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