The Bayou is now The Hollow Bar + Kitchen


While wasting time on facebook, a page for a new spot called The Hollow Bar + Kitchen at 79 North Pearl Street came across my feed. This is particularly interesting as 79 North Pearl is what most of us know to be the Bayou.

The TU has the full scoop:

Bayou Cafe in Albany is changing its name to The Hollow Bar & Kitchen and next month will refocus on food service with a new menu and an updated interior.

Recognizing the changes in downtown Albany, Philip said he wants to appeal to a more mature crowd by offering a casual, comfortable atmosphere with a greater emphasis on good food.

More establishments of actual quality that are opened for more than just lunch on Pearl Street is what that area needs. The Merry Monk is doing awesome on Pearl Street with more than just deep fried bar food and is held in high regard by many, all while not catering to the club goers. Chris Pratt’s new venture is aimed at a more mature crowd as well. This is a good trend.

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