Saratoga Spa CX: Photos and Recap


This past Sunday was the annual Spa:Cx cyclocross race held in Saratoga Springs on the race track grounds. As compared to last years total mud fest, this was dry and fast, and compared to two years ago, there was much more flow to the course and technical sections replaced many grueling power sections.

The course itself was really fun, although really narrow in some places. There’s a long downhill sand-pit, lots of deceptively hard flat technical sections and fast straight sections. It was really great for spectating as well, and the temperature and food vendors also helped people stick around to watch the last race. Definitely a great vibe and a good way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

Not sure why results still aren’t posted, but check back on crossresults in a few days. Congrats to John who got 3rd in the B race, Austin who won the single speed NYS championship and everyone else who had a blast.

There’s a few more races left in the NYCROSS.com series so come out and watch!

Hit the jump or click the photo above for the full gallery!

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