Shop Visit: Fuzz Records

During Tulip Fest yesterday I took a long overdue visit to the Fuzz Record shop on Lark Street.

The place is awesome. I really dislike any record shop where there’s so many records that the instant I look around, I feel defeated since there’s no way I could ever see all the albums in the shop. Fuzz Records reminds me a lot of Miss Lily’s NYC. Miss Lily’s is in a similar sized space and sells only West Indian records (dancehall and reggae). You go in and you can browse their selection which they’ve curated, not collected. You don’t dig through shit they haven’t been able to sell that’s just taking up space. Same thing at Fuzz. Their inventory isn’t at 100% yet, but some people may be shocked at the amount of records they don’t have. It’s a blessing, and I loved being able to browse without feeling paralyzed by the amount of choice.

There was a bunch of great stuff in their crates already. It’s too much to name, but there’s a lot of indie/alt/hardcore/metal stuff that wouldn’t be carried by a standard record shop. Highly suggest you visit the next time you’re in the area. The art in the shop was really awesome as well.

Hit the jump for the full gallery.

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