Pine Hills Locals are ‘mad pissed’ and helping cops arrest ‘mad students’

According to this article APD and people that live in owner occupied houses in Pine Hills are going ‘all out’ against ‘quality of life crimes’ perpetuated by all the ‘sick parties’ the bros are throwing.

In November, three UAlbany students were arrested for cramming 300 people into their apartment at 556 Washington Ave. for a party.

Over $1600 was collected at the door by the three to get into the party as well as over $100 for selling jello shots.

Did their listing as a ‘speakeasy’ on foursquare tip off APD?

“I’d rather jeopardize my future than let them arrest my friends”
-A bro that has regrets

Are Pine Hills residents the new Rudy Giuliani?
Are these people and APD just ‘mad pissed’ they weren’t invited?
Would you pay $5 for ‘unlimited access’ to a half-keg of Busch Light?
How many bros can fit into a college bro house before it collapses?
Is APD ‘mad pissed’ because house parties can’t give them kick-backs?
Is there ‘real crime’ that should be taken care of instead of this?
Should the drinking age be 18 again?

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