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Opening day at The Low Beat: Photos

After hearing rumors of a soft opening of The Low Beat, I had to check the space out. I had wanted to check it out while they were still working on the inside, but because that didn’t happen, I had no idea what to expect.

The Low Beat sits at 335 Central Ave next to Pauly’s Hotel. While this is a bit further from me than Valentine’s was, this gives both spaces the opportunity to have concurrent bookings and operate in tandem. Think upstairs/downstairs Valentine’s, but next door to one another. This could be a very valuable asset of the new space.

The Low Beat’s space is awesome. It’s as clean as a hospital compared to Valentine’s and the feel of the place is much homier compared to the cinderblocks of Valentine’s. Warhols Woodshed was jamming out when I got there and the crowd was happy to see the space operational. The space is about the same as downstairs Valentine’s. The bathrooms are a trillion times cleaner as well which pretty much everyone can appreciate.

There’s still no concrete timeline for the demolition of Valentine’s. Rumor has it that the pizza place next door still has over a year on their lease. But after being jerked around for so long by Albany Med, it’s clear why Howard decided to flip the switch as early as he could.

Stay in the loop with The Low Beat via their facebook and website.

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