Big Boi considering Phantogram collaboration EP as “Big Grams”

From HipHop DX:

Phantogram. Recording with them was one of the best studio sessions we’ve had. It was really good. We have a little side project that we’re thinking about working on right now too, called Big Grams. [It’s] a collaboration with me and Phantogram. I think we’ll put out a little EP or something after they drop the next record. Me and T.I. just did a song as well. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve but that’s enough for now.

My god this would be so sick. I can’t stop listening to the recent Railbird track that Sarah Barthel is on so I can’t imagine what would happen if these two powerhouses got together. Rapping with a Phantogram beat? Sarah singing over a beat from Big Boi? I’ll be sort of pissed if this doesn’t happen now that they’ve thoroughly teased us with this.

Also, what’s Andre 3000 up to these days?

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