Kitty Little and Salon Style at Fuzz Records: Recap and Photos

Last night was a fun little show at Fuzz Records, with Kitty Little and Salon Style.

Salon Style is Gavin from The Kamikaze Hearts sample based act, in which he is joined on stage only by a sampler and what I believe was a small jar of whiskey. The samples ranged from simple drum patterns to really intricate, layered, backing tracks. Really smart idea and the set up and break down is probably a huge perk for someone who is used to playing with a huge band.

Kitty Little, who has been a Capital Region staple for quite some time, was incredible. Being a somewhat recent transplant to the area, this was my first time getting to see them and I really hope it won’t be the last. It was fast, loud and really enjoyable. And any ‘pop’ band with guitar solos is awesome. If you haven’t see these guys, you really have to make an effort.

Side note: after the show we all went over to Elda’s for karaoke which was amazing. The drummer from Kitty Little absolutely destroyed some Michael Jackson.

Hit the jump or click the photo above to see the full gallery!

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