Woz at GlobalFoundries


This past Thursday, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak visited GlobalFoundries to talk about the future of Tech Valley, along side Peter Schultz, Daniel Pickett, and John Cavalier.

There was a ton of great discussion of what’s happening in this area and what needs to happen to keep things going and make Tech Valley become a big competitive force. There was a lot of focus on infrastructure being improved to keep up with the innovation as well as discussion of the importance of proximity of schools to technology company campuses. The most important to me, was the big stress on further educating employees by letting them work on their personal projects after work, with resources paid for by the companies.

InnovationTrail has a great article of 5 tips that Woz thinks Albany needs to thrive. Business week talks about the importance of venture capital firms to success of the area. Also, the BusinessReview has a great recap of the event as well.

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