I paid $10 to be in the same room as Sasha Grey and all I got was this photo

So last night was Sasha Grey’s DJ set at Vapor in Saratoga, and it was probably about as weird as you’d expect. First thing, Vapor’s ‘club lighting’ was basically the twin suns of tattooine; it was the brightest club I’ve ever been in. There were tons of old people. There was a casino attached to the club. There was a fuckton of dudes who came by themselves and kept asking all the girls I was with if they’re “here with anyone tonight”. There were actual guidos that lift up their shirts when dancing to show off their abs. I lost $2 playing the Wolf machine. If you did something stupid like put your empty cups somewhere they shouldn’t be the security made you rectify the situation.

Her friend who is also in this photo did all of the actual DJing, as I don’t remember seeing SG touching the pitch adjusters nearly as much as the other chick. She played very obvious music. I wonder what Vinny is going to do since he doesn’t DJ. There’s no way they made their money back just for the TV commercials, let alone whatever her fee is.

It was worth it.

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