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Quality events for this weekend vol. 25

Friday the 4th

If we missed your event, submit it here or leave it as a comment!

1st Friday November, 5pm [fbook]

Haiti Party Music Festival: BIRTHDAYS, Matthew Carefully, Rawhead, DJ Midas, Colorful Tones, William Hale, and the Black Ships, 6pm, $7 [fbook]
Bonus: KC’s review of Rawhead’s Psychopomp in this week’s Metroland

American Babies, Red Square, 8pm, $12 [via]

SWEAT LODGE: Matt Shadetek, Atropolis, Taliesin, Lamin Fofana at the Cove [NYC] [fbook]

Saturday the 5th

Grassroots Community Music & Arts Festival → scope the details, lots going on [fbook]

Dance Movies Commission premieres at EMPAC, 7pm, $6 [fbook]

*Daylight Savings Reminder* Change your clocks back 1hr, (i.e. party later, sleep in later)

Sunday the 6th

Grassroots Community Music & Arts Festival → Day 2 [fbook]

S.I.N. Service Industry Night with Trumastr at McGeary’s [fbook]

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