Music Monday: Ryan Gosling Edition

From Andrew:

It’s no secret that Deep Children and I have been having a bunch of fun with juke as of late. It also happens one of my favorite moombahton producers, Munchi, released a Juke EP recently, aaand it rules. My favorite track from the EP is below.

Munchi – Mi Ta Bek by Munchi

His description of this particular track:

Mi ta bek is im back in papiamento. this is a juke track with an old vocal of one of my good friends MP. He’s saying bitches shake their ass and niggaz bounce, something like that.
Shout out to Immorales in the form of the ‘Riba Puta’ vocal snippet. Basicly this track is in majority a juke/dubstep type of thing, but you hear back bubbling, trap, mambo, baile funk, bmore skullstep (intro) and reggeton. of course the obvious vocal break ‘guess i got my swagga back’ is from excision and datsik. at first i was making another track that was like a tribute to them and that was a vocal break of it, but i found it more fitting here, because i finally feel that im back haha.

Straight from the dude’s mouth. Can’t top that. Oh wait, maybe you can. You can download the whole thing on Generation Bass.

Another gem that I found was the following mix. It’s called “Tvyks presents Vibrator 100” and is from some Dutch radio or something. Scotty called it the “ulysses of uk mixtapes”. It had 44 plays when I found it for some reason despite the ridiculously huge track list. Download it. Now. Trust me.

Tvyks presents Vibrator 100 by thanksgodforvib

From KC:
Longtime producer Machinedrum‘s new LP Room(s) dropped today on Plant Mu. This album packs a plethora of carefully constructed layers of dubbed vocal samplings, looping synths, drums and whatever else he cuts up and puts together. It’s one of those rare balances between what is familiar and what isn’t, in electronic music generally, and in footwork/jungle/juke specifically. Its track list is something I could see myself wyling out to in da club or what I’m doing now, happily spacing out while I’m at work. You can check it out directly from Planet Mu or in iTunes. Also scope the mix he did for FACT a couple months back.

Last Monday, the Outtacontrol EP from 20 year old whiz kid LDFD dropped on Daedelus’s Magical Properties Records and this upcoming Saturday is the official release party down at Gallery in NYC alongside (and hosted by) Broken Teeth Crew. He’s been popping up all over my personal twitter feed left and right, being bumped on Pitchfork and Mad Decent to name a couple. He also made an exclusive mix for Percussion Lab, check it out here. I recommended the title track, “Outtacontrol” — it’s super fun and very club-ready.

Also of honorable mentionSpotify launched in the U.S. last week and I finally took some time last night to check out what it’s all about. So far, even in the free version, it’s awesome and not just hype. Based out of Sweden, Spotify is a streaming service that has a huge library (15+ million songs) spanning major and independent record labels, similar to what’s available via Grooveshark or iTunes, but also incorporates your personal music playlists (also available on your phone without an internet connection once you sync up) and the program links to your Facebook friends’ music collections. The obvious perks of the paid account is that you can listen to music from their library from your brainphone via the Spotify app and you also won’t be interrupted by any advertisements. Check it out for yourself; invites are still out there

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