Value Menu: $1.11 blackouts at Brew Crew

Read the update from Brew Crew at the bottom of the post.

Are you a homeless bro, in massive student debt, or a former APD spokesman looking for a cheap drink? Good news! Hypeworthy deal right now at Oliver’s Beverage (Brew Crew) on Colvin Ave. in Albany – $1.11 for a one pint can of 12% alc/vol A:M Premium Malt Beverage, and they claim the price will be going down to 50 cents per can soon… thus earning its spot on the KAB Value Menu.

An employee at Brew Crew told us that Colvin’s has around 800 12 pack cases of this stuff to unload. Flavors include Melonball, White Citrus, and Black Raspberry.

We “taste” tested Melonball, a blood red drink with an unpleasant aftermath that refuses to settle in your stomach. Sweet, then bitter… best described as watered down Kool-Aid meets Crystal Palace. Tastes like freshman year.

“It tastes terrible and makes my teeth and face hurt,” one tester said.

We tried digging up some info on A:M and literally can’t find any information on them.

But in a post Four-Loko world, A:M is a satisfying fix that you’ll thirstily fall in love with, especially for $1.11.

Get there sober:

Get there drunk:

Update: A nice email want sent along from a concerned someone at Brew Crew amending a few corrections.

From: Oliver Beverage Subject: A:M

Message Body:
We do not have 800 cases of A:M for sale. The price will not be fifty cents. Please talk with the store manager before making such claims.
Four Loko and Joose are still readily available. The recipes were changed to exclude caffeine.
In the event that people demand to pay fifty cents a can, can we bill you for the difference?
Thanks for the free advertising!

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