What democracy looks like

A lot of my posts have been chaotic lately — bros drunkenly rioting in the streets of the student ghetto or chaining themselves to the UAlbany fountain. But this one tops everything. Below is a video of last night’s chaos at the capitol:

A massive amount of people (I heard an estimate of 1,500) took to the capitol to protest the senate and assembly final budget votes. They were people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds that traveled from all over the state for one goal — to take part in the democratic process of state politics. However they were met with locked doors, closed off meetings, and walls of state troopers.

The protest got heated at times and one person was arrested for dangerous gonging. Pizza almost wasn’t delivered and students banded together and at times tried to plan occupation and barricades. All in all the night went well and it was great to see young people involved and passionate, many of whom slept there overnight and continued the fight today. One senator told the senate they should be ashamed of themselves and then joined the protestors with a pillow and blanket. There were activities throughout the night, including a lawyer having a “know your protesting rights” Q&A outside the senate chambers, and some protesters took the time to explore the historic building.

At least one local citizen disagreed with the protesting on their blog, which quotes Ghandi in the header. Confused.

In the end the budget was passed and there are massive cuts in educational and healthcare, but the message was delivered and the pressure is on for future votes.

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